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Automatic Feeders

These automatic feeders provide the easy and convenient way to make sure your pet is fed.  In a range of sizes and features to ensure there is one suitable for every pet.

Wet/Dry Feeder - can be programmed for 8, 12, 24 hour feeding cycle.  At feeding time the cover opens for the first feeding and a pre-recorded voice message is played to let your pet know if is feeding time. The dish contains 3 large trays, each remains open until the next scheduled feeding time.  The easy to use control panel has a built in microphone and speaker. An ice chamber ontop keeps food fresh or can be removed and used as a water bowl.  Accepts wet or dry food.

The LCD  - model has all the features of the Wet/Dry feeder but also has an LCD Clock which allows meals to be set at anytime.

Large Capacity - designed for all sizes of dogs and cats and can hold up to 10.65 litre. It can also feed continuously for 1 to 90 days. It includes a smart sensor which prevents overloading the feeding tray, a unique anti clogging feature for thefood hopper and has a new pet-proof lock on lid for greater security. Other features include - personal message recording; programmable portion sizes - 1/4cup to 2 1/2 cup; programmable feedings - 1 to 4 times daily; alarm sounds when feeding schedule expires; low battery indicator, detachable hopperand tray for easy cleaning.

Cats & Small Dogs - designed for cats and small dogs it has a 4.25litre capacity and can feed non-stop from 1 - 90 days.  It includes a smart sensor to help prevent overloading of the feeding tray and an alarm when the feeding schedule expires.  Other features include - programmable portions sizes - 1/4 cup to 2 cups; programmable feedings - 1 to 4 times daily; pet and moisture proof lid and mechanism; detachable hopper and tray for easy cleaning and personal message recording.

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